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Previous Entry Pic spam! Mar. 22nd, 2006 @ 11:03 pm Next Entry
Okay, so you all in this oft neglected community probably know that livejournal upped the amount of icons a paid user can upload, right? Which is all well and good, but I have found myself with zero icon inspiration, especially considering that my crashed hard drive contained the vast majority of my image galleries. (Grrr. Aargh.) Long story short, I tried making icons but ended up with a wallpaper tribute to Westwood Chateau. Go figure.

Ah, Westwood Chateau. I never lived there, but I might as well have given the amount of time I used to spend over bumming around Frances’ apartment. This wallpaper commemorates great times, great friends, and great Friday Night Dinners.

One click takes you to my scrapbook gallery, another to the fullsize wallpaper.
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